Creative addict
Jimbo Matison is an unstoppable creative machine who who has written, directed, designed and produced a wide variety of hilarious comedy shows for Netflix, HBO Max, Dreamworks, Adult Swim, MTV, Syfy, and IATV. Long and short form with over 100 eps and 1 movie under his belt. He also put in his time directing national spots for the likes of Coke, Starbucks, Burger King, Kellogg’s and more. Jimbo’s also a hoot hoot celebrated author of goofy children’s and flashy coffee table books for Abrams, Chronicle, and Hippo Park books.
His style varies from happily absurd fun children’s content to mind exploding on the edge adult tomhootery. Irreverence with heart!
Live action, traditional, CG and stop motion animation are all delicious meals he’s nommed on for years. This guy has taken a long walk around the creative park and enjoyed every step. He’s a mature journeyman with the energy of a teenager and the smile of a German Shepard.
Besides being a creative monster he’s also been a seasoned network exec and understands both sides of the fence well. He has also toured the planet as a musician in several bands, have you heard of them? I hope not.
He loves working on his own or leading a large creative team. Inspiration, motivation, and moral are his 3 keys to keeping a group running at top quality, speed and joy.
He can ideate and direct his own content or take someone else’s idea and run that past the goal line looking fanfriggintastic as well. You can work 14 hour days for endless weeks on end with Jimbo and you cry in your pillow every night because you miss him so dearly, that’s who Jimbo is.
He’s that nice, he’s that dude.

Quick staff history
Staff Director/Copywriter at legendary Colossal Pictures for 7 years
National commercials, TV shows, and major network packages galore.  Awards won.
VP Original Content at IATV for 6 years
Loads of shows made. Lotsa awards won.

Quick show history
I created, directed and wrote all shows.

A Trip To Infinity – Netflix – Segment Director – movie
Ballmastrz 9009 – Adult Swim/HBO Max – Writer – 2 seasons
– DreamworksTV – 12 episodes – 1 movie
News That Doesn’t Stink – DreamworksTV – 49 episodes
Public Pool – DreamworksTV – 12 Episodes (Created and co written w Dave Fremont)
Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack – IATV – 2 seasons
Space Is Dum – Wildbrain/Syfy – 2 seasons – ANNIE Nominated
Liquid Television – Crazy Daisy Ed – MTV – 4 episodes

Netflix, HBO Max, Adult Swim, DreamworksTV, Coke, Starbucks, Burger King, Roca Wear, Pringles, MTV, Nickelodeon, AwesomenessTV, Syfy, IATV, Cartoon Network, Fox, NHL, Colossal Pictures, Wildbrain, Mondo Media, Nuvana, Interscope, Sony, Terri & Sandy, Imperial Records, King Records, bigpoint.com, Chicken Ranch Records, Titmouse, Abrams, Chronicle, and Hippo Park Books

Official Selected 2020 AND 2023 OTTAWA INT ANIMATION FEST, Emmy, Promax, ADDY Gold, Annie (nominated),
Adobe Site of the Day, and more.

Tribeca Film Festival featured Space Is Dum and that was dang fun.
ANNY featured the Bloodthirsty Butchers video and that was also dang fun.

My Instagram is PEANUT BUTTER!
Jimbo’s Writing Blog

Fun Facts about Jimbo:
Jimbo Matison was the official screaming voice of Sega in all those insane commercials in the 90s. SEGA!
He is also a good laffer.

Jimbo Matison Good Laugher