Creative addict
I am addicted to creativity in all forms. It’s truly my high.  I’m an award winning creator of entertainment content possessing over 20 years experience in digital, tv shows, national commercials, print and more. Expertise in encompassing all roles of a project from ideation thru launch; conceptualizing, writing, directing, designing, live action, animating, scoring, and editing. I’ve done this on over 100 comedy episodes for 5 networks, online and broadcast, bags of eclectic spots, the launches of many successful online strategies of evil – and I’m still not sick of it!
This media business changes weekly, it’s not surprising that good raw ideas are still king.
I’ve also held staff positions where I’ve led creative teams to great heights. It’s an exciting challenge to inspire and motivate a great team of talented weirdos. I’m one of them, I’m a huge weirdo, I know how. Moral is key. Love your talented weirdos!
My philosophy: This isn’t work, this is love. All creativity comes from the heart.
I put out the best product I can while we have the best time possible.
Life is good.

Quick staff history
Staff Director/Copywriter at legendary Colossal Pictures for 7 years
National commercials, TV shows, and major network packages galore.  Awards won.
VP Original Content at IATV for 6 years
Loads of shows made. Lotsa awards won.

Quick show history
I created, directed and wrote all shows.
Jetbear – DreamworksTV – 12 episodes – 1 movie
News That Doesn’t Stink – DreamworksTV – 49 episodes
Public Pool – DreamworksTV – 12 Episodes (Created and co written w Dave Fremont)
Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack – IATV – 2 seasons
Space Is Dum – Wildbrain/Syfy – 2 seasons – ANNIE Nominated
Liquid Television – Crazy Daisy Ed – MTV – 4 episodes

Adult Swim, DreamworksTV, Coke, Starbucks, Burger King, Roca Wear, Pringles, MTV, Nickelodeon, AwesomenessTV, Syfy, IATV, Cartoon Network, Fox, NHL, Colossal Pictures, Wildbrain, Mondo Media, Nuvana, Interscope, Sony, Terri & Sandy, Imperial Records, King Records,, Chicken Ranch Records, Titmouse

Emmy, Promax, ADDY Gold, Annie (nominated),
Adobe Site of the Day, and more.

Tribeca Film Festival featured Space Is Dum and that was dang fun.
ANNY featured the Bloodthirsty Butchers video and that was also dang fun.
Official Webby Awards judge, so watch yourself.

My Instagram is PEANUT BUTTER!
Jimbo’s Writing Blog

Fun Facts about Jimbo:
Jimbo Matison was the official screaming voice of Sega in all those insane commercials in the 90s. SEGA!
He is also a good laffer.

Jimbo Matison Good Laugher