Writing for all occasions, normal, comedy. I’ve created and written everything on this site. All below are highlights.
Various styles of spec scripts available.

Web Shows


Dreamworks TV

1 season (12 episodes/current)
Jetbear is filled with so many secrets I can’t spill anything or I’d have the Spoiler Police on my back. I don’t want that.

Dreamworks TV

News That Doesn’t Stink
1 season (46 episodes)
Absolutely absurd kids “NEWS” show! Fast paced magazine format designed for koo koo ha ha. All the latest breaking news you need to know.

Dreamworks TV

Public Pool
1 season (13 episodes)
Co-written with the smartest weirdo in show business, David Fremont. All the trouble kids and employees get into at The Public Pool!


Space is Dum
2 seasons (26 episodes) of irreverent outer space madness.
Nominated for ANNIE and featured in Tribeca Film Festival. Started on Wildbrain.com was so popular it was syndicated To Syfy. Might be the first webshow syndicated to Television.

Mondo Media

Heavy metal Guy
Wrote 2 episodes of shrill and shreddin’ Heavy Metal Guy in full effect… in a laundromat.

TV Shows
Liquid Television
Crazy Daisy Ed
Stop Motion Animation
4 Eps of angry botanical humor
Emmy Award winner
Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack
Live action
2 seasons (22 episodes) of pure absurdity
Lots of Tellys for comedy
Written with Trevor Moore

Double Dutch
Live action
National Commercial
Girls having fun singing the joys of Coke while they skip the rope fandango.
Burger King
Live action
National Commercial
BK Cheerleaders handing out verbal beatdowns! Bam!
13 Commercials
Not what you would think when you hear NHL. Super fun animated spots aimed at getting kids into the stadiums on family nights. Proven to increase occupancy on family nights. Direct hit! Written and directed with good ol’ Paul Friedrich.
Addy Gold winner
Pringles Extreme
National commercial
Jones has had it with his boss and decides to turn into a hotrod driving super tiger. Yeah, that helped.
Network Interstitials, Promos and Packages
Saturday morning interstitials
Fresh Arithmetic
Animation/live action mix
8 episodes
Holiday Package
Stop motion animation
2 spots
Yummy Winter wonderland
Happy New year
Promax winner
MSO Spot
Stop Motion
NY Fest World Medal-Intl Programming winner
Staff Copywriter
Colossal Pictures
Wrote big bags of concept creative for commercials, promos, packages, interstitials, shows, etc for CBS, Fox, MTV, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, AT&T, Channel V, Coke, Fruit by the Foot, Post, Kellogg’s, Starbucks and many many more.
As VP Creative Director for the first 18 months then VP of Original Content for the remaining time at the network I not only oversaw the creative team, but I put pencil to paper and wrote a good deal of our on air promos and original shows. Lots of Tellys were won.
Chronicle Books
So Crazy Japanese Toys!
ISBN-13: 978-0756787677
Big ass candy like picture coffee table book on Japanese Toys from the 50’s to now. Super sought after collectors item. I only have one copy myself.
Abram’s Books
I’m Going To Catch My Tail!
My very first fun children’s book will hit the
shelves soon! It’s a big happy tale of a kitty and his tail. You’ll see…