For 10 years I had the pleasure of working at Colossal Pictures, one of the greatest creative/production houses to exist. Commercials, Movies, TV Shows, Branding and more. If you saw TV and film in the 90s you saw CP. Take a look at a couple great reels “The Emperor” posted not long ago. Imagine doing most of it without the help of computers. It hurts. CP2
Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack lasted two fun seasons on IATV and was the networks most popular comedy show. We had a bucket of bad films but no bucket of money for a new show. So we used what we had in the bucket. It took a lot of work to edit these down to 11 minutes and make them funny. The ends became the middles, the middles became the beginnings and who knows what happened to the original sound. As raw as this show is I’m still proud of it. We wrote a funny show despite all odds that gained us a strong cult following, won several Tellys for comedy and visual effects and never got a single bad review.

Variety  “Watching Uncle Morty’s is like crawling into a blissful cavern of stupidity and rolling a giant boulder over the door behind you.”  “This is the funniest MST3K-style TV show since MST3K. In fact I think it is the only MST3K-style TV show since MST3K.”

SF Chronicle “It’s the Beastie Boys meets MST3K!”

Take a gander at these three episodes for yourself. Best if you’re “In the mood” if you know what I’m saying? If you don’t, write me, I’ll explain it.

taoismdrunkvenomofninjayoungtiger is a fun experiment where I post all original content based on how I am feeling. It’s interesting to see what gets 26,000 hits and what gets 17. Ha! If you think North American Brown Bears make good movie critics, love ginormous bunnies and hate unicorns as much as I do, hit the link below and soup around a bit…

OH NEVERMIND! Some cool hack kids pulled it down. I must be doing something right! Will re-launch it soon!


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