Creative Hybrid
Producer-Director-Artist-Writer-Creative-Live action-Animation
Award-winning creator of all things entertaining with over 20 years experience
in broadcast, advertising, print and online. Expertise in encompassing all roles
for a project from idea to completion, including conceptualizing, writing,
designing, animating, scoring, and editing.
I’ve done this on over
 60 comedy episodes for 4 networks, bags of eclectic national
commercials, the 
launches of many successful online strategies of evil.
I never tire of it and my goals keep getting greater.
My style ranges from touching, sincere pieces to absurd, boundary pushing comedy.
I’ve written and directed all on this site.
Currently bi-coastal in NY and LA.

What’s up

Freelance Entity
Doing hot new show for Dreamworks TV, JetBear! Will be released early 2017. It’s 12 episodes of cliff hanging fun!

8 fun spots for Nicorette/Nicoderm with Terry and Sandy. Lots of stop motion action.

A series of new Bug-A-Salt commercials with the rockin’ David Fremont! These bug stomping salt guns are so dang great!

Finishing up screenplay with the very talented Mark Steger. Oh man, your eyes are in trouble.


2 other shows for Dreamworks TV…
Public Pool (with the ever mighty Dave Fremont)
All the fun stuff that happens to the staff and swimmers at your public pool!
News That Doesn’t Stink!
News for adults is depressing and stinks! This is insane fun fake news that doesn’t stink!
I’m Going To Catch My Tail! My first children’s book with Abram’s. Getting great reviews!

Music video for King Record’s Bloodthirsty Butchers. All cardboard
stopmotion animated insanity with moshing dolphins, dragster hating giant swans,

pub filled frogs and more. Bloodthirsty Butchers are Japan’s seminal punk legends. Can’t love a band more.

Writing and directing 13 commercials for NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes the past 3 years
with Paul Friedrich. Won ADDY Gold! These spots increased attendance on family nights.
Direct hit!
Almost finished developing huge tv show that will set the medium back 20 years. Sorry.

VP Senior Producer of Original Content
2003-2008 New York
Helped start IATV from a warehouse in NJ to fully operating national network
with carriage on Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and more, located in midtown NY.
Started as network’s VP Creative Director. Hired and shaped an awesome energetic
and imaginative creative team that made the network look great! With that in
place I moved over to original programming. Writing, directing and producing
multiple Telly award winning shows such as Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack, Comedy Zen,
Muffin Mix and more. Also helped shape the online look and feel of the network.
A great challenge into new territory and super fun as well.

Uncle Morty’s Dub Shack – Live Action TV Show
2004-2006 New York
IATV’s most successful comedy show. Co-written with Trevor Moore of Whitest Kids-
U Know fame. Positive reviews from Variety, Salon, Apple and SF Chronicle said
it best, “It’s the Beastie Boys meets MST3K!”. The story of 4 losers trying to make
a buck from a demented deaf sound engineer who thought he had to dub over a stack
of old bad films. We re-edited the films down to 11 minutes, pulled all sound and
inserted all of our hilarious interpretations. The other 11 minutes was the crazy
trouble the guys and Morty got into. Big cult hit, plenty of fans have clips on Youtube.
Aziz Ansari guested in one episode as MC Brickpuncher.

Space is Dum – Animated webshow
1999-2001 San Francisco
Created, wrote, designed and directed 2 seasons of ANNIE nominated webshow,
Space is Dum. It’s popularity led it to being syndicated to Syfy and featured
in the Tribeca Film Festival. It had over 250,000 registered fans, that’s not
including casuals. Those numbers were huge in 2000. Ha!

Colossal Pictures
1993-1999 San Francisco
Colossal Pictures was one of the greatest creative/production houses to exist.
Commercials, Movies, TV Shows, Branding and more. Coke, Post, MTV, HBO, Disney,
Nickelodeon, NBC, Old Navy, ATT, Cartoon Network and many tons more.
So many talented and wonderful people all under one roof has not existed since.
I’ll wrestle you to prove it.

Trivia answer…

Jimbo is the official screaming voice of SEGA in all them fun commercials back in the
the day. SEGA! It was also his greedy idea to end tag every spot with his shout.
It was the most popular televised soundbite for years.

Dude is the original meme.



Actions speak louder than words.